In France, the word « musette » when heard brings to mind images of
festivities, of simple happiness, of sequins, of disco balls, of the
banks of the Marne river,of Balajo, of dance floors and mostly of


Well known the world over, unavoidable reference of the French cultural heritage, musette is a kind of music born in the cosmopolitan Paris, rich of changing and various differences, crossbreeding of Argentine tango, Spanish pasodoble, java, mazurka, salsa and Charleston.

The “années folles” (1919-1929) were prolific for bal musette, “guinche”, and “Bastille” in the thirties, Cuban rumba and “biguine” from the French  West Indies give it color and when swing takes over in the forties, musette music expands with a repertory of waltzes colored by improvisations to become, around 1945, popular music par excellence. 

Musette is a human adventure, nurtured by urban traditions, carried by followers faithful to solid codes, and to strong and subtle acoustics of vibration accordions. wants to be quintessential to this musical journey and allows each facet, from traditional musette to jazz musette, through classics, naturally not forgetting the colors of Latin America.

Now you can download your favorites, original, playback including scores!  

Most popular
The sea
Maurice LARCANGE - The sea - Charles Trenet
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Toro de fuego
Maurice LARCANGE - Toro de fuego - Maurice et Michaël Larcange
Tico tico
Jean-Michel SONNERAT - Tico tico - José Gomes de Abreu
Hymne à l'amour
Laurent DERACHE - Hymne à l'amour - E.Piaf / Monnot
Versions disponibles :Version originale |
Viva Mariana
Michael RICHARD - Viva Mariana - Larcange-Baert/ M.Richard
Kuduro on va zoumer
Jérôme RICHARD - Kuduro on va zoumer - J.Richard
La bohême
Maurice LARCANGE - La bohême - J.Plante / C.Aznavour
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